“Louisiana Science Education Act Repeal Fails, Keeping Door Open For Teaching of Creationism”

Read a May 2, 2013, article from the Huffington Post about the Louisiana Science Education Act. In 2008, Louisiana passed the Science Education Act, which protects the rights of Louisiana public schools that want to teach alternatives to evolution. Critics say this was a win for the anti-evolution camp, which changed tactics after the Dover trial. Rather than trying to promote the teaching of intelligent design, the strategy is to fight for the “academic freedom” to teach theories other than evolution in the science classroom. Yet even as Louisiana’s law passed, similar legislation in five other states — South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Michigan and Alabama — failed to pass or was returned to committee.

Website http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/02/louisiana-science-education-act-repeal_n_3200819.html
Author Nick Wing
Publication The Huffington Post
Date 05/02/2013
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