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A gathering or association of witches. A medieval Scots word meaning a gathering, its first recorded use in connection with witches was in 1662 at a witch trial in Europe. The word was used in association with Wiccans in the early 20th century. See Wicca.
An act designed to cause intentional change. Associated with Wicca and a variety of occult beliefs.
A term used to describe contemporary paganism, as opposed to ancient paganism. Some groups or individuals describe themselves as “pagan” because they trace their belief and practices back to ancient times and the emphasis on the natural world and goddess worship. Others prefer “neopagan” because their faith blends the old and the new.
Matters regarded as involving supernatural or magical elements. Examples of occult practices include fortunetelling, tarot card readings, alchemy and astrology. Witchcraft is generally considered occult. Practices often revolve around or incorporate natural elements and have a history of being hidden or practiced secretly. Often, this is used to describe practices that do not fit into established religious traditions.
Generally, a person who does not acknowledge the God of Judaism, Christianity or Islam and who is a worshipper of a polytheistic religion. Many pagans follow an Earth-based or nature religion. The modern religious movement known as neopaganism has adopted the name as a badge of faith. Note: Some pagans prefer to see the term capitalized. See neopaganism.

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  • is a social networking site for followers of Earth-based religions, such as Wicca, Asatru, druidism and goddess-based faiths.

  • Lady Liberty League

    The Lady Liberty League is a nonprofit group that advocates for religious freedom and freedom from religious discrimination for pagans. Its founder and co-executive director is Selena Fox, and it is located in Barneveld, Wis.

  • The Witches’ Voice

    The Witches’ Voice lists outdoor rituals and festivals around the country, including a state-by-state section.

  • Anne Newkirk Niven

    Anne Newkirk Niven is editor of several neo-pagan magazines and is based in Point Arena, Calif. She can discuss issues of workplace bias.

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