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  • Adoption History Project

    The Adoption History Project at the University of Oregon is devoted to making adoption history accessible and interesting to visitors who may not be aware that adoption has a history at all. Contact project author Ellen Herman.

  • National Marriage Week USA

    The National Marriage Week USA website brings together the many activities that organizations throughout the country, including churches and houses of worship, are doing to strengthen marriage during National Marriage Week USA, Feb. 7-14 each year.

  • National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministries

    The National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers works with the U.S. bishops to implement initiatives on behalf of marriage and family life. It also has contact with many other Catholic associations and groups that promote marriage and family life.

  • Program for Strong African-American Marriages

    The Program for Strong African American Marriages is a five-year intervention study based at the University of Georgia. Prayer is listed as one component of the program, with participants encouraged to pray for their spouses.

  • Oklahoma Marriage Initiative Research Advisory Group

    Leading marriage experts, state government officials and highly respected researchers nationwide serve as the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative Research Advisory Group. The purpose of the group is to provide professional expertise to guide research efforts and to apply findings to the development of future programs and services. The website provides links to experts nationwide.

    Contact: 405-848-4046.

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