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Seminaries face changes: New paths to ordination emerge

Seminaries are welcoming students back to school this fall, but both the students and these institutions are facing pressures that are transforming the way clergy are trained. Schools are struggling financially, enrollment is declining, and many seminarians face increasing debts. Other factors, however, could make a seminary education more accessible.

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  • ChurchMedia.Net

    ChurchMedia.Net is a community for those working in religious electronic media. Participants on message boards discuss a host of topics, from which songs to broadcast for Easter to which microphones work best.

  • Technologies for Worship Magazine

    Technologies for Worship Magazine, based in Ontario, Canada, covers the industry, from AV systems and video production to music, media and ministry.

  • is a social networking site for followers of Earth-based religions, such as Wicca, Asatru, druidism and goddess-based faiths.

  • Naseeb

    Naseeb is an Islamic social networking site that emphasizes relationships.

  • Muxlim

    Muxlim is a general Islamic social networking site that includes religion, politics, popular culture and relationships.

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