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  • Where will you spend eternity, Washington Square, Manhattan

    Reporting on Protestant Christianity

    Christianity is the largest religion in the United States and the most widespread religion throughout the world. It is predominant in the Western World and Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as in South Korea, the Philippines and among smaller communities worldwide. Even within the U.S., there is a great deal of Christian diversity, from strict fundamentalists to liberal […]

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  • Creation Justice Ministries

    Creation Justice Ministries (formerly the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program) works in cooperation with national bodies of Protestant denominations, Orthodox communions, regional faith groups and congregants to protect and restore God’s creation.

  • Calvary Lutheran Church

    Calvary Lutheran Church in Federal Way, Wash. sponsors Lenten studies focused on the environment. Calvary’s “Caretakers of Creation” program includes a study of J. Matthew Sleeth’s book Serve God, Save the Planet (Chelsea Green and Zondervan, 2006).

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is a Christian denomination composed of nearly 10,000 congregations and about 4 million members.

  • International Society of Bible Collectors

    The International Society of Bible Collectors offers a list of Bible collections and museums.

  • Thomas Nelson

    The evangelical Christian publishing giant Thomas Nelson, a leading publisher of the KJV and owner of the New King James translation, has developed products, resources and events in celebration of the 400th KJV anniversary. Nelson also published Majestie: The King Behind the King James Bible by David Teems.

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