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Asian-American Christianity is expanding quickly and is the source for many as-yet-untold stories. Asians and Asian-Americans are joining churches of many traditions, but more importantly, they are forming churches, associations, research centers and theological journals of their own. Some denominations — Presbyterians, Baptists and United Methodists — have aggressively reached out to Asians, starting churches to appeal to them. Asians also frequent Catholic, Pentecostal and evangelical churches. The resulting mix of cultures, religious beliefs and values is a rich source of stories.

Asian fellowship

“On campuses across America, student movements like IV (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) and CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ) have deliberately split into ethnic fellowships. An Asian American group is almost always one of those groups.Most large universities also have Chinese or Korean fellowships rooted in ethnic churches.”

Christianity Today, April 2006


  • Asian Christian converts sometimes wrestle with balancing cultural values with their new religious values. For example, Asian cultures emphasize respect for elders, but new Christians may find they are disappointing or disobeying their parents by converting to Christianity.