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Religion Newswriters’ Religion Stylebook is a product of a tremendous amount of expertise. We want to credit the many publications, organizations and Web sites we consulted in addition to thanking individuals who shared their expertise. Religion is far from an exact science, and many individual terms are hotly debated. We consulted multiple sources on most stylebook entries in an effort to determine spellings, definitions and usage advice that would be most helpful to journalists who are seeking to report on religion with fairness, accuracy, insight and balance. Below is a list of sources we consulted. We did not list the Web sites of the countless religious organizations we consulted. If you have questions about any individual entries, please contact us at [email protected].

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Pronunciation sources

Many individuals were consulted about pronunciations. In addition:

Special acknowledgments:

  • Adarsh Deepak, member of the board of trustees of the Dharma Association of North America
  • David Crumm, religion reporter at the Detroit Free Press
  • Ann Rodgers, religion writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and board member of the Religion Newswriters Association
  • Holly Lebowitz Rossi, freelance writer
  • Jeffrey Weiss, religion reporter at The Dallas Morning News
  • The ReligionLink staff: David Gibson, Juli Cragg Hilliard, Marilyn C. Lewis, Marcia Z. Nelson, Leslie Scanlon, Kimberly Winston and Beryl Benderly.