Vineyard USA

Has network of over 1,500 churches worldwide. They work alongside existing local churches to help reproduce and plant new Vineyard churches. Michael Gatlin is the national church planting director.

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Rothgerber Johnson and Lyons

Rothgerber Johnson and Lyons is a for-profit law firm whose specialties include religious issues, including religious liberty and church-state issues. It has offices in Denver and Colorado Springs in Colorado and in Casper, Wyo. Its website includes a religious liberty archive with court cases and many relevant documents. Contact Patrice Hettinger.

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Paul V.M. Flesher

Paul V.M. Flesher, University of Wyoming professor of religious studies, teaches a course on religion and film. He and Robert Torry are co-authors of Film and Religion: A Textbook (2007). He is also an expert on Judaism of the Rabbinic period and early synagogues.

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