Religion in the newsroom

Do editors care about religion coverage? By David Gibson The Star-Ledger* Okay, your editor has just created a religion beat and tabbed you to fill it. Going on the assumption that you lobbied for this job, you are jazzed, and you ought to be. So the question: Does your editor care about religion coverage? The […]

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Secular media and religion

Why should the secular media cover religion? By Gayle White The Atlanta Journal-Constitution* Why should the secular media cover politics? Or science? Or sports? Because they are part of human life and contribute to the order of society. Often, religion provides the “why” in the equation of a story. Faith motivates people, groups and, at […]

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Getting started

What do religion writers do? How do I get started on the beat? By Richard N. Ostling The Associated Press* How do I get started on the beat? People looking for a way to apply their personal interest or academic study in religion often think news writing would be a good outlet. Think again. A […]

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