MyPraize is a general Christian social networking site that provides its users with Christian music, bands, and videos, and provides forums for religious discussion.

Continue reading is a general Christian social networking site. It provides an online forum for Christians to post and view videos and photos, connect with other Christians, and participate in religious debate.

Continue reading is a general Christian social networking site. It was created by founder Jeff Broderick to provide Christians with a clean, accepting, and safe online community. Users can upload and browse videos, shop, find and connect with other users, and be connected to other online Christians and Christian communities.

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Islamic Society of Boston

The Islamic Society of Boston began in 1981 on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has since expanded to three mosques, including a new one in Roxbury. As many as 27 different nationalities are represented at Friday prayers. Contact through their website.

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Islamic Circle of North America

The Islamic Circle of North America is a grass-roots organization working to establish Muslim identity and cohesiveness and to further good works. It has traditionally been an immigrant-led organization. It provides religious instruction and public education, youth programs, social services, disaster relief and services to the homeless. It has a presence in every major city […]

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Muslim Public Affairs Council

The Muslim Public Affairs Council works for Muslim participation in civic life. It works to cultivate leadership in young Muslims and encourage a sense of ownership over their religious and national identity as Americans. The group’s $1.1 million budget includes no overseas funding. It has offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles and has several […]

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Muslim Advocates

Muslim Advocates uses legal advocacy, policy engagement and education to promote rights for Muslims and others. Contact executive director Farhana Khera.

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