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  • Oiko Credit

    Oiko Credit is a worldwide financial institution that promotes global justice with credit, and was founded by the World Council of Churches. Terry Provance is Executive Director.

  • Friends Fiduciary

    Friends Fiduciary provides Quakers with financial services that is grounded in beliefs of the church.  Jeffery Perkins is Executive Director.

    Contact: 215-241-7272, ext 100.
  • Amana Funds

    Amana Funds are mutual funds designed to meet the needs of Muslim investors.

    Contact: 360-734-9900.
  • LKCM Aquinas Funds

    LKCM Aquinas Funds is another mutual fund that adheres to Catholic values.

    Contact: 1-800-423-6369.
  • Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment

    The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment is a membership association to advance investment practices that consider environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. 

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