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  • Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory

    The Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory lists and provides links to university programs in Jewish studies in the United States.

  • ChurchMedia.Net

    ChurchMedia.Net is a community for those working in religious electronic media. Participants on message boards discuss a host of topics, from which songs to broadcast for Easter to which microphones work best.

  • Technologies for Worship Magazine

    Technologies for Worship Magazine, based in Ontario, Canada, covers the industry, from AV systems and video production to music, media and ministry.

  • Think Atheist

    Think Atheist is a social networking and news site that aims to dispel misconceptions about atheism and unite freethinkers. The site, which reports having nearly 7,000 members, has numerous subgroups for hobbies, regions and interests. Contact through the website.

  • Rant & Reason

    Rant & Reason is the American Humanist Association’s blog.

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