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  • Reporting on Hate Speech

    In 2010, a Florida pastor with just a few dozen followers attracted international media coverage when he announced plans to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11. By taking the bait, media outlets became complicit in advancing his hate-filled agenda, making Terry Jones a household name in the U.S. and far beyond. […]

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A robelike garment worn by some women who are Muslims. It is often black and may be a caftan or fabric draped over the shoulders or head. It is sometimes worn with a hijab and/or a niqab.
The practice of ritual washing in a religious rite to cleanse a person of sin or disease, to purify, or to signify humility or service to others. In Christianity, baptism and foot-washing are both forms of ablution. In liturgical churches, ablution can refer to purifying fingers or vessels related to the Eucharist. In Islam, ablution is ritual washing, known as wudu, before prayer. In Judaism, immersion in a mikvah is a form of ablution.
The Islamic call to prayer.
Ahl al-Kitab
Used in the Quran to refer to Jews and Christians; Arabic for “People of the Book.”
An eighth-century mosque in the old city of Jerusalem. Arabs sometimes use the term to designate the surrounding area; Jews refer to that area as the Temple Mount.

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  • Green Muslims

    Green Muslims seeks to inspire Muslims to educate themselves about the environment and be stewards of the earth. It works with mosques and Muslim student associations across the U.S.

  • Project Sakinah

    Project Sakinah is a Muslim organization dedicated to stopping domestic abuse of all kinds in the family unit.

  • Peaceful Families Project

    The Peaceful Families Project produces workshops nationwide on domestic violence from a Muslim perspective. The organization is based in Great Falls, Virginia. Lina Hashem is president.

  • Inner City Muslim Action Network

    The Inner City Muslim Action Network is a small nonprofit serving Chicago’s South Side and Southwest communities. Prisoner re-entry is among its programs.

  • Amana Funds

    Amana Funds are mutual funds designed to meet the needs of Muslim investors.

    Contact: 360-734-9900.

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